• Research Experience for Undergraduates

    Each year, MRSEC funds up to 10 exemplary undergraduates who are interested in participating in summer research projects in the areas of Plasmonics or Organic Spintronics. Find out more…

  • IRG1 – Plasmonics

    Knowledge of surface plasmon polaritons (SPP) is used to develop new devices and spectroscopic capabilities. Find out more…

  • Outreach

    MRSEC is a proud founding sponsor of the University of Utah’s inaugural hosting of the Utah Science Olympiad. Find out more…

  • Magnonics

    Research in IRG1 FRG2 is directed towards the fabrication and study of magnetic and superconducting metamaterials. Find out more…

Next Generation Materials for Plasmonics and Organic Spintronics

Welcome to the Materials Research, Science, and Engineering Center at the University of Utah

Recent Publications

Journal of Biomedical Optics

Tanya V.F. Abaya, Mohit Diwekar, Steve Blair, Prashant Tathireddy, Loren Rieth, andFlorian Solzbachera, Deep-tissue light delivery via optrode arrays, Journal of Biomedical Optics 19, 015006 (2014)

Journal of Applied Physics

B. Saha, M. Ramanathan, C. Ren, K. Appusamy, M. K. McCarter, S. Guruswamy, R. Cook, and D. J. Miller, Acoustic emission and changes in dislocation structure and magnetostriction accompanying plastic deformation of [126]-oriented Fe-Ga alloy single crystals, Journal of Applied Physics 114, 223910 (2013)

Materials Science and Engineering B

Kanagasundar Appusamy, Steve Blair, Ajay Nahata, Sivaraman Guruswamy, Low-loss magnesium films for plasmonics, Materials Science and Engineering B 181, 77– 85 (2014)

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