The Center

Next-Generation Materials for Plasmonics and Organic Spintronics

The University of Utah MRSEC fosters interdisciplinary research on new materials in two Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs) entitled “Plasmonic Metamaterials from the Terahertz to the Ultraviolet” and “Organic Spintronics.”

IRG-1 focuses on exploiting the properties of artificially structured materials (metamaterials).

IRG-2 is advancing our understanding of the role of spin interactions in organic materials and developing a range of different spin-related organic devices.

The MRSEC’s Education, Outreach and Diversity focuses on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and outreach, including:

  • Training the next generation of scientists and engineers,
  • Creating curiosity and excitement in science and engineering among youth, and
  • Attracting the brightest students from diverse segments of the population.


Goals of the Center

Plasmonics: Develop new plasmonic materials to enable unique capabilities across the electromagnetic spectrum.

Organic Spintronics: Develop new knowledge, materials, and devices related to the spin degree of freedom in organic semiconductors.

Seed Program: Develop new areas of collaborative materials research at the University of Utah.

Education and Outreach: Establish a pipeline for the next generation of materials science researchers.

Diversity: Increase diversity among the materials science research community through outreach, student recruitment, faculty hiring, and mentoring programs.