Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)


University of Utah’s MRSEC expands student participation in its research areas by enabling and promoting research experiences for undergraduate students:

  • MRSEC faculty involves U of U undergrads and visiting REU students in their research projects
  • MRSEC funds 8 U of U undergrads per year
  • MRSEC funds 8 REU stipends per year

See the MRSEC REU page for more information.

ACCESS Scholarships


MRSEC sponsors two ACCESS students per year. MRSEC faculty and grad students mentor and supervise ACCESS scholars in their labs.

ACCESS is a scholarship program for first-year female undergraduate students at the University of Utah that provides a 7-week integrated summer science course and research lab placement during the spring of the freshman year. The ACCESS program increases retention of women in STEM disciplines through mentoring, networking, and peer support.



New Courses and Modules


The University of Utah curriculum is growing with both new classes and modules to expand educational outreach across campus. Initially, the expansion includes:

New MRSEC related courses:

  • MSE 5050/6050: Spintronic Materials: Science & Technology
  • ECE 6461: Nanophotonics
  • Physics 7910: Organic Spintronics

MRSEC modules for existing courses in Engineering, Science, Mines and Earth Sciences



MRSEC Graduate Research Assistantships

Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs)

MRSEC Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs) have the opportunity to choose from a variety of interdisciplinary research projects within the two IRGs. While each GRA will have a primary faculty advisor and a home department, MRSEC affiliation offers the following benefits:

  • Close collaboration with faculty, post docs and graduate students from several departments within the Colleges of Science and Engineering
  • Access to MRSEC shared research facilities
  • Monthly GRA lunch meetings to discuss research
  • Communications training and other professional development activities
  • Involvement in MRSEC Education and Outreach activities

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