Outreach, Education, and Diversity

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Recruit and train the next generation of diverse scientists and engineers in revolutionary materials science and technology through the University of Utah’s MRSEC.


Dr. Jeff Bates

Director of Education & Outreach
Assistant Professor (Lecturing)
Materials Science & Engineering
Phone: (801) 581-8737
Email: jeff.bates@utah.edu

Chelsey Short
MRSEC Program Manager
College of Engineering
Phone: (801) 581-8692
Email: chelsey.short@utah.edu

Additional Outreach and Education Personnel

  • 25+ MRSEC faculty members across 4 colleges and 8 departments at the University of Utah
  • 2 new faculty lines committed by the University of Utah for diversity
  • 8 post-doctoral researchers
  • 17 graduate students
  • 8 undergraduate students
  • 10 REU participants
  • International and industrial collaborators