Seed Grant Program

The MRSEC Funding Incentive Seed Grant Program supports new basic and translational studies in all areas of materials research. The emphasis of this program is on developing programs that enable new long-term research directions for the MRSEC or that can be integrated into one of the two existing Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs). The two existing IRGs are focused on (i) Plasmonics, and (ii) Organic Spintronics.

Prior Seed Projects

Controlling Properties of Graphene with Potential and Resonant Impurities

Design and Fabrication of Plasmonic Photonic Crystal-Based Thermal Antenna

Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Mie Resonance-based Three-dimensional Isotropic Metamaterials for Tuning Thermal Radiative Properties

Design of Nanostructured Electrochemically Active Interfaces

Dynamic Behavior of Organic Magneto-resistance probed with Admittance and Noise Spectroscopy

Layered Topological Materials in the 2D Limit

Novel SPE Materials with Highly Ordered Hybrid Nanostructured Architectures for Lithium Rechargeable Batteries

Optical Probes of Spin Triplets in Organic Semiconductors with Enhanced Spin-orbit Coupling

Organic Nanofibril Solar Cells with Ultrahigh Open Circuit Voltage

Probing and Manipulating Individual Surface States on GaN Nanowires: Implications for Solar-Driven, Plasmon-Enhanced Water Splitting

Syntheses of Organometallic Topological Insulators

Tailoring of Micellar Polymer/Carbon Nanotube Composites to Immobilize Thylakoid Membranes for Solar Cell Applications

Transport and Correlated Phases in System with Strong Spin-orbit Interaction