IRG 2 FRG 1 – Organic Spin Valves/Spin Injection


The team conducting the studies of organic spin-valves includes: Liu, Miller, Raikh, Saam, Tiwari, Vardeny, Williams, Wojcik, and externally: X. Li and Shi. Also contributing to this research is post doc Charlie Zhang, as well as, graduate students Wei Jiang, Gene Siegel, David Magginetti, Ryan McLaughlin, and undergraduate student, Nathan Hickerson.

Research Objectives

  • Thorough investigation of spin injection in OSEC.
    • Sagnac interferometer (Nguyen).
    • Circularly-polarized light-emission (Pt-polymers).
    • Material characterization of ferromagnetic electrodes.
    • Hanle Effect (measured in transport): “smoking gun.”
  • “All-organic” spin valve (organic ferromagnetic electrodes).
  • Room-temperature GMR response.
  • Investigate electric-field control of spin-current via Rashba-type spin-orbit coupling.