IRG 1 FRG 3 – UV Plasmonics


The team investigating materials for UV-plasmonics includes: Faculty- Blair, Guruswamy, Harris, Liu, Shumaker-Parry, and externally: Nordlander and Wegner. Post doc- Emily Wang. Graduate students- Kanagasundar Appusamy, Dayi Chen, Wendy Consoer, Amaya Mao, Danielle Montanari, Mark Swartz, 


  • Single crystal Al, Au and alloys
  • Alloys using Au and Ag with divalent & trivalent metals; Zn, Cd, Ga and Al
  • Surface modification using thiol, phosphonic acids, benzotriazole and silanes

Research Plan

  • Understand spatial and spectral properties of “hotspots” as a function of materials and antenna design
  • Use UV plasmonic resonance to manipulate molecular electronic transitions
  • Quantify materials/device performance using UV resonant spectroscopies
  • Investigate highly-localized photochemical reactions, reaction rates and yields
  • Improve upon native biomolecule detection and analysis


Surface Plasmon Photonics Conference presentation by MRSEC Researcher Steve Blair, May 2011